2015 Energy Upgrade Ca Home Upgrade Contractor Awards and Dinner

On December 17th 2015 at the Embassy Suites of Anaheim, the annual contractor appreciation dinner was held. This is for participating contractors in the Energy Upgrade Ca Home Upgrade program as both an appreciation dinner and for awards for contractors that have gone above and beyond in the program. Building Doctors received an award for the third highest amount of jobs in the Gas Company and LADWP Energy Upgrade Ca rebate program. We also received the award for the Top Performer in Customer Satisfaction for 2015. We have never been a quantity company but a quality company and are truly honored to receive this award. 

Bronze Energy Upgrade Ca AwardHighest Customer Satisfaction Energy Upgrade Ca Home UpgradeAward Ceremony Energy Upgrade Ca

Bronze Award                         Highest Customer                Cyd Swain from the Gas Co 

                                         Satisfaction Award                and Dan Thomsen from

                                                                             Building Doctors


Energy Upgrade CA awards

It did not go without notice that when the staff for running the program was asked to come up front and be recognized they numbered more than half of the crowd. This is a problem on many levels. We hope that in the future there will be less program people and more funds allocated to homeowner incentives amounts. 


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