Saltwater Pool Conversion

saltwater pool conversionBuilding Doctors offers saltwater pool conversion services throughout the Los Angeles metro region. 

Salt water pools are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional home swimming pools, offering a multitude of benefits including health, hygiene, reduced environmental impact and reduced maintenance. 

Less Chlorine

Saltwater pools have less chlorine content than traditional swimming pools. This is a benefit for those with sensitive skin, who may not be able to swim in a traditional swimming pool. This also reduces the environmental impact of your swimming pool, by reducing the amount of chlorine that may leak into topsoil and groundwater. 

Less Maintenance

Saltwater pools require less maintenance than traditional pools, which saves you on maintenance costs as well as time and hassle. Saltwater pools are less apt to cultivate algae in a short period of time, which means you can leave them unattended for longer.

Lower Cost Over the Long Term

Since saltwater pools require less maintenance, they save you money over the long term in maintenance costs. This includes the cost of chlorine. In traditional pools, chlorine needs to be regularly added to the pool to keep it sanitary. In saltwater pools, adding chlorine is not necessary.

Improved Comfort

While the high level of chlorine in traditional pools can cause problems for some people - irritated skin and eyes, for example - salt water is a more comfortable alternative. Some advocates of saltwater pools argue that it can actually soften and improve the health of your skin.

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