Spray Foam Insulation

spray foam insulationAdvantages:

Foam expands, so it seals up leaks and gaps better than either cellulose or batts. It’s easy to install in tight spaces, and can be installed in wall cavities without removing the drywall. Spray-foam comes in all shapes, sizes, prices, and R-values. The two general categories are closed-cell and open-cell.  Closed-cell foam has a higher R-value (about 6R per inch), but is more expensive than open-cell (which is about 3.5R per inch).  For an equivalent R-value, open-cell will generally be less expensive. The high R-value-per-inch of closed-cell foam makes it a good choice if you have limited space; it also prevents moisture transmission better than just about any other insulating material.


Foam is pricier than most other insulating materials to begin with, and it will need to be installed by a spray-foam contractor (no do-it-yourself option), raising the price even more. It also releases greenhouse gases during application (HCFC’s or HFC’s), so it’s not the greenest option. Some people have a chemical sensitivity to the spray foam after it has been installed. 

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