Robyn C.
Thank goodness for a comfortable home at last!
Steve C.
5 star. Perfect. Dan and his guys are top notch. He has the system down to a science. From the clothes to the truck to the tools to the contract. Not a typical bait-and-switch operation just trying to get your money. They want to help and do it right and give you all your options
Robert M. Silverlake, CA
I bought my silver lake home in 1996. It had an old furnace and wall ducts with some insulation. No central air. As the years passed and the climate changed my home became less and less comfortable. I had a wall unit for AC in the summer and my home was wasting energy. More important, we were miserable in the hot summer months.
David H. Pasadena, CA
I would highly recommend this company. My wife and I had consulted multiple other HVAC providers prior to consulting with the Building Doctors and were very impressed from start to finish with the level of professionalism, the vision for the project and the quality of the work done.  This provider supplied a detailed energy audit. While we didn't elect to do all the recommended work, we definitely were interested in most. In the end we elected to have our home fully insulated and installation of a new heating and AC system as well as ductwork.
Electra S.
From the very beginning, my husband and I were impressed with the professionalism and expertise of Building Doctors owner and founder, Dan Thomsen. He was always available to answer our numerous questions prior to our doing the work and during the energy improvements. No hassle, no fuss and lots of help and information on the many available state, local and federal rebates. Dan helped us customize a plan that was cost effective and which resulted in an overall energy improvement of over 40%. Calling Building Doctors was the best investment we have made in the comfort, livability and value of our home. We are saving $ on our… (read more)
Susan F
My house is so comfortable now and I wanted to let you know that my gas bill is lower than it's ever been in 23 yrs! Thanks for the great work,   Susan F. Venice CA
Melanie S. Los Angeles, CA
You and your company, The Building Doctors, have been quite helpful in getting my house more energy efficient. And besides that, you're really nice. You were quite professional in your performance testing on my house, including making sure that the cats didn't go out the door. And the follow-up report and your suggestions about energy savings were very helpful. I appreciate that you were there at the critical times when the work was being done, as well as to translate the industry jargon so that I understood what was being done. You were highly recommended to me by another person in the business of energy efficiency, and he was quite right in his recommendation. Therefore, I am also… (read more)
Shin S. Hollywood, CA
The Building Doctors performed a thorough energy audit in my home and identified problem spots I was never aware of. Their report was so easy to read, and outlined the most cost effective fixes. They completed the ones I chose, and my energy bills dropped over 40%!  These guys were so nice, extremely knowledgeable and their crew took great care of my home when they were working on it. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to save some money on their bills and finally have a healthier and more comfortable home. We were so excited that this worked.
Eric B. Monrovia, CA
I originally hired The Building Doctors to conduct a comprehensive home energy audit and complete a HERS (Home Energy Rating System Report) on our 1930’s Spanish house. Dan immediately impressed me with both his extensive knowledge in the field and his professionalism and responsiveness. Dan is a very well educated guy – I believe he holds a Master’s Degree in a related field – and he is well plugged into the building science industry and the latest movements within the field, so it’s a great deal of fun talking with him about home energy efficiency. Prior to the audit, we discussed in detail the entire process, the likely ROI on a range of possible efficiency improvements, and… (read more)
Robert T, Chino Hills
For some years we had been paying through the nose to heat our home in the winter, and finding it impossible to cool our home in the summer. We had talked to a number of HVAC vendors but none of them really inspired our confidence and none of them outlined the benefits and the rebates of all the energy savings programs available. The first person to do this was Dan Thomsen of Building Doctors. We took on quite project. Heating, Air Conditioning, Insulation, a new roof on a portion of our home, a ‘radiant barrier’ and some redesign of how air moved through our home. I will say Dan was thorough beyond belief! He and… (read more)