Thorough Beyond Belief

Robert T, Chino Hills

For some years we had been paying through the nose to heat our home in the winter, and finding it impossible to cool our home in the summer. We had talked to a number of HVAC vendors but none of them really inspired our confidence and none of them outlined the benefits and the rebates of all the energy savings programs available. The first person to do this was Dan Thomsen of Building Doctors. We took on quite project. Heating, Air Conditioning, Insulation, a new roof on a portion of our home, a ‘radiant barrier’ and some redesign of how air moved through our home. I will say Dan was thorough beyond belief! He and his crews made four different visits before finalizing everything they proposed to do. They used infrared to track the heat loss from our home! They tested the house for how much air moved through the home. Dan and his crew ‘balanced’ the ductwork to ensure the heat throughout the home was the same. They told us our old insulating fiberglass was full of cancer causing formaldehyde. How to program our new thermostat. Lots of information. We finally got to work in November of 2010 and finished the project in about a week. There was lots of work to do. But the house is so much more comfortable than when we began. We have now had two months of heating bills and are saving over $300 a month over what we used to spend and I think the savings will improve and the livability of the home is just wonderful. Dan helped us with all the paperwork and we got a $4000 rebate from the Energy Upgrade California (the first in Southern California). He also helped guide us through the other paperwork Federal tax credits and additional rebates. I recommend the Building Doctors to anyone who wants to seriously save energy and have a more comfortable home. Extraordinary service and attention to detail.


Robert T
Chino Hills.


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